Watch: New Videos From Yeah Yeah Yeahs, M.I.A, The Uncluded, Die Antwoord, Adam Goldberg



If you're like me, then you’ve spent too much of the past few days staring at Miley Cyrus’ music video for “We Can't Stop”— which just broke VEVO’s record for the most-viewed video in 24 hours — and are faced with an existential crisis caused by the experience of hating something so much that you can’t stop watching it. What is she doing? What am I doing? What is LIFE? So many questions, indeed.

Ellen recommended a critique of the video that might offer some rational, soothing insight. But my prescription is this list of new music videos that will snap you out of that hopeless, twerk-induced coma. Don’t believe what Miley tells you. We CAN stop.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs premiered a new video that was filmed atop the Empire State Building this week — the first video ever filmed on the skyscraper. The vid is for the song “Despair,” the second single off the band’s newest album, Mosquito, which dropped in April. Both the song and the video are simple, but beautiful, giving us a slightly stripped-down Karen O. And the lighting is really good. The NYC trio will be playing Outside Lands in San Francisco on Saturday, Aug 10.

M.I.A. just released the music video for her new single “Bring The Noize," previewing her fourth album Matangi, which is scheduled for release this fall. As always, the hip-hop diva delivers, with a sassy yet political message and some really amazing hair. The look of the video and the lyrics of the song are the likes that only M.I.A. could pull off without seeming ridiculous. Who else raps “It’s not me and you, it’s the fucking banks!” while dancing in front of an ohm sign sporting three-inch-long gold nails and a floor-length, white trench coat? Very promising for the album to come.

Earlier this month, SF-based alt-rapper Aesop Rock and cult-folk darling Kimya Dawson released another music video for their new collaboration The Uncluded. The besties released their first album under the moniker in May, calling it Hokey Fright. Their sound is exactly what you would expect — like a slightly mismatched, but very lovable, mash-up. Their latest video is for the song “The Aquarium,” which features a pretty catchy chorus and some insight into the life of an octopus. Along with their music videos, The Uncluded also has a host of other quirky vlogs on the Rhymessayers Youtube channel. The duo will be playing at Slim’s in SF on July 26.

In other news, about a week ago Die Antwoord released another one of its disturbing-yet-irresistible music videos featuring Yolandi as (you guessed it!) a scantily clad underage girl. This time, she’s an orphan trying to get with a big, bad drug dealer from across the street. Her rapping is weird, her mullet looks great, and her BMI looks like it’s at about a five. Ninja doesn’t appear in this video (he directed it), but otherwise, all seems status quo in the world of the South African rap-rave duo. The song, "Cookie Thumper," is the first single off Donker Mag, set for release in February 2014.

Last week, the actor-turned-director-turned-musician Adam Goldberg, of The Goldberg Sisters, released a music video for the title track of his new folk album Stranger’s Morning. The video is a compilation of a whole bunch of Goldberg’s Vines. In addition, it looks like it was filmed through some kind of attachable Holga lens for the iPhone. (I’ve never encountered one of these, but I’m sure that they are in some crevice of the Internet, selling rapidly.) Woah, that’s hip.