Watch: Willie Joe 'I'm From the Bay Bruh's' Feat and E-40's Lyrical Curlicues at Grand Lake Theater


Vallejo-based rapper Willie Joe has furnished a video for his bonafide regional anthem, “I’m From the Bay Bruh." The video includes nods to Mac Dre, First Fridays, and taco trucks. The video returns repeatedly to the sidewalk below Grand Lake Theater’s kaleidoscopic overhang, where Willie Joe defers to E-40 for a verse that memorably indicts fakers as transparent and thin like Scotch tape. E-40 is especially on point – his flow makes curlicues around the beat with palpable feeling in every slight curve. Willie Joe rides behind it. Laid back and understated, he’s rightfully confident about the power of rhyming bruh with bruh in this context. Watch the official video and behind-the-scenes footage below.