'Washington Post' Flip-Flops, Urges Federal Tolerance of Legalization



The Washington Post has spent a century crusading for the incarceration of regular Americans for their private drug use. As California NORML director Dale Gieringer notes, "[The Post] led the charge for tougher anti-drug laws in the '80s and '90s, and have steadfastly supported federal control over individual and states' rights with regard to drugs."

So it's surprising that they would urge President Obama to stand down in the face of legalization in Colorado and Washington. Post-Thanksgiving, even the Post may have found a limit to its appetite for the cruel and unusual punishment of pot smokers.

President Obama - marijuana criminal
  • President Obama - marijuana criminal
In a Sunday op-ed, the Post's editorial board wrote, "filling prisons with users, each given a criminal stain on his or her record, has long been irrational ... we favor decriminalizing possession of small amounts of pot, assessing civil fines instead of locking people up. ... the Justice Department should hold its fire on a lawsuit challenging Colorado and Washington’s decision to behave more leniently."

Of course, the Post's know-nothing editors still have time to imply that Mexican drug trafficking organizations are involved in medical marijuana — one of those Big Lies that's been thoroughly debunked by cops and think tanks alike. But hey, old habits die hard.