Was San Leandro Rapper Threatened Before His Death?

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After 25-year-old Ayoola Matthew Odumuyiwa was found shot to death in an apartment near Castlemont High School last Friday, the Tribune ran a story with the headline "Aspiring rapper slain in East Oakland." But Odumuyiwa wasn't just aspiring.

Calling himself Pretty Black, the Chicago native and San Leandro resident cofounded the Money Over Everything entertainment company in 2003 and recorded many songs, including the eerily prescient, gritty/melodic "Heaven for Gs." "G" stands for gangsta:

Is there a heaven for me? Is there a heaven just for Gs? ... I see angels, nigga, Jesus walkin' with me. ... People say: Pretty ... a lotta niggas hatin' on you, They gonna get you.

Smiling playfully in the picture on his MySpace page, which bears the slogan"Nigga I Talk Money and Shit Diamonds" and was last logged into the day before his death, the full-cheeked singer sports a huge dragon pendant signifying membership in the Regime Dragon Gang group, founded by Oakland rapper Yukmouth.

Within hours of the murder, the web buzzed with blog postings, from "RIP to our homie pretty black!!" to "Black was a hard ass rapper. Some pussy ass faggots shot him and ran" to "He was nice." A comment posted on several of Pretty Black's YouTube videos on the day of his death is chilling: "Pretty Black robbed the wrong people in East Oakland and didn't know who he got we got something for u and your not going any where ... next time you should of killed us there is not next time his [career] as a wanna b artist is not long ... u know who we are Ugly Black we are BTMG (BOUT THAT MONEY GANGSTAS) ... ALLAH AKBAR WE WILL C U ANYWHERE." That seems a bit, um suspicious....—Anneli Rufus