Was Elihu Harris Covering for Marcie Hodge?



Peralta Community College Trustee Marcie Hodge says she knowingly used a college district credit card for personal use, including buying expensive clothes from Las Vegas and Manhattan. According to the Contra Costa Times, Hodge defended the purchases, saying she repaid the district and always intended to do so. But it appears that Peralta Chancellor Elihu Harris knew what Hodge was doing was ethically questionable and had tried to cover for her. According to the paper, an assistant for Harris repeatedly attached notes to Hodge's expense reports, saying that she had "mistakenly" made the purchases. But Hodge says she didn't write the notes and knew all along that she was using a taxpayer-funded card for personal use.

Harris, himself, also has come under ethical scrutiny for helping steer a lucrative district contract to one of his business partners, for taking lavish trips on the taxpayers' dime, and secretly giving raises to his favorite employees.