Warriors wow the fullest house


Great game last night for the Golden Staters. It really is how they play the game. Against the Celtics at Oracle, they played it with brio and finished it with a two-point win.

When the announcers say that a baller "attacks" the basket, they're talking about Monte Ellis. The third-year guard goes hard to the hoop time and again. The Golden State guards are ferocious in forward lean. Ironic then that the game-winner Wednesday was a Warrior backing up; Baron Davis dipping his shoulder like he was going to drive and back-footing a jumper from 18-feet out.

Trying to watch the game with the sound down didn't work for long, too much too fun was going on to follow effectively without the broadcast. What was Mikael Pietrus doing sprawled out on the court…why in fact was he even in the game? (Trading deadline today, natch)

How loud was the crowd going after a Harrington 3? A Harrington foul? My second hand sensory input needed sound to complete the Roarcle experience. This morning they're saying the 20,711 in attendance set the record for most fans in attendance at an NBA game in the history of the entire Golden state.

Tomorrow the Warriors take on the Atlanta Hawks at home, the second of five on a homestand that looks like a time to fatten up on the cupcakes of the Association.

Turn the sound way up. — Kibby Kleiman