Wallpaper Signs to Epic Records


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Pinole-raised electro-"crunk" singer, UC Berkeley music department alum, and unabashed AutoTune user Wallpaper (who, full disclosure, is my cousin — let's just get that out of the way) signed to Epic Records. And SF Weekly music editor Ian Port wrote a pretty nice blog about it, in which he notes that Wallpaper — who also goes by the name Ricky Reed — was summoned to the sparkling Beverly Hills office of Sony Music on December 2. There he met with producer Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and hip-hop artist Ciara. He's been sensibly quiet about the terms of his contract, but seems pretty pleased about it. We are, too.

Here is a little footage of Wallpaper's family Christmas party:

Oh wait, just kidding. It's the video for his single, "#STUPiDFACEDD."