Wait: The Jerry Lewis Telethon's Still on the Air?



Read 'em and weep, you big softies. So the Jerry Lewis muscular dystrophy telethon is blazing away on KTVU for 21 straight hours, as the maestro makes with the yucks and pleads for help. At some point, Jerry gets a phone call. Who could it be? Why it's none other than Laree Renda, executive vice president of the Pleasanton-based grocery retailer Safeway! And she's on the line to announce that Safeway will personally give $9.7 million to the Muscular Dystrophy Association this year! Although you might be amazed to learn the telethon's still going after all these years, here are a couple of things you oughtta know. First, the telethon raised $74.7 million this year, more than at any time in its history. Second, Jerry doesn't go bonkers from sleep deprivation anymore. They make him take naps now.