Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote However You Like


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It's not an election season unless the San Francisco Bay Guardian chastises Village Voice Media newspapers such as ours for not endorsing political candidates. This year, Guardian publisher Bruce Brugmann takes over the duties on his blog, accusing Village Voice (formerly called New Times) honchos of stifling our sacred duty to tell you what to think. "The New Times editor Mike Lacey and publisher Jim Larkin have historically refused to allow any of their papers, including SF Weekly and the East Bay Express, to do editorials, endorse candidates, or take real positions on such critical issues as the war and occupation of Iraq, the Bush vs. Kerry presidential race, or even local races for mayor, governor, and the U.S. House and Senate," Brugmann writes. "Why? It has always baffled me and it baffles the staffs of their 17 papers."

We know that the narrative of Village Voice Media buying alt-weeklies and eliminating their voice in the upcoming elections is a compelling one, but at least in the case of the East Bay Express, it doesn't square with history. The Express never published endorsements in the 22 years it operated as an independent newspaper. Instead, the editors and writers published stories that laid out the issues in the important races, fleshed out what the candidates stood for, and let the readers make up their own minds. Which is exactly what we will do this Wednesday, when the paper's election issue hits the stands. But thanks for thinking of us, B3.

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