Video Made the Radio Star



In this week's Express, read all about Oakland pop-rock band Maldroid. Their path to success has been unlike any other in the history of the music biz. We've got the whole story, from Maldroid's uncommon roots three years ago to its latest accomplishment on YouTube just last week. Click here to read the story, then click "more" for the entire Maldroid multimedia experience: more videos, songs, and links than you can shake a keytar at.

The videos: "Heck No (I'll Never Listen to Techno!)"

"He Said, She Said"

"You Can Have It All"

The tunes: Stream four songs at MySpace. Buy the Malfunction EP, including the three videos above, as a whole or track-by-track at the iMusicast online store.

Maldroid online: Homepage MySpace YouTube iMeem

DOWNLOAD THIS: Maldroid - "Heck No (I'll Never Listen to Techno!)"