Video: Incendiary SWAT Raid Picked Up by 'The Atlantic'



The Atantic's Andrew Sullivan joined the chorus of outrage growing on the net over an incendiary SWAT video that cuts to heart of America's failed War on Drugs. In it, a bucolic, suburban pre-dawn is shattered by armed men serving a search warrant on a suspected pot dealer in Columbus, Missouri. They shoot two dogs (one of them a corgi) and traumatize a seven-year-old child. All they find is a pipe. When people envision home invasion robberies, it looks a lot like this, only the robbers have clearly become the cops. The video has been watched more than 861,000 times:

The homeowner was charged with a misdemeanor for the pipe, and, remarkably, child endangerment. Columbus, Missouri SWAT is now under investigation by internal affairs. Columbus' police chief said he would announce changes to SWAT policy Monday, May 10.