Video Clip of the Day: Shoes Are Great. Tupac's Dead. Thank You.



Over the last couple years, local comedians Brent Weinbach and Moshe Kasher went from struggling for stage time and getting 86ed from local venues -- because their jokes can get a little off the beaten track, evidently -- to hosting the prodigiously funny (as in, like, "LMAO") sporadically occurring Smug Shift comedy showcase at Oakland's Stork Club. They've recently graduated to short-form video stuff, which Kasher describes as "sort of the new wave of what everyone's doing." Ergo, Reggie Whatever, a seven-minute Disney Channel-inspired sitcom about a gay junior high school student. It's modeled after the typical soppy After School Special, except that Reggie's doting father borrows from the playbook of Mr. T or the Game, and his teacher doesn't mind pointing out that Sherry has small titties. Then there's the occasional gem: "So in conclusion, shoes are great, and Tupac's dead. Thank you." Oh, and the interim music rocks. Five bananas. Video after the jump.