U.S. Marshals: No Dope Growing in Antarctica!



News aggregator and forums web site Reddit has a famed "I Am ______, Ask Me Anything" section where famous people like Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings and the Mythbusters log on and do Q&As. Over the weekend "Celtica" from the McMurdo Station in Antarctica started an AMA and right off the bat we learn something interesting.

"before you ask, I can't grow any marijuana — there is a US marshal here who sweeps the greenhouse once a week."

That's right, the drug war extends to the South Pole.


"Not from Chattanooga" comments" "I find that really funny that a US Marshal comes all the way to McMurdo (I assume he doesn't live at your station?) just to check for weed in your greenhouse."

Celtica's reply: "he actually is stationed here for the winter, but he is the NSF station manager; he doubles as a US marshal, but we've never really needed him to do anything marshal-like."

U.S. researchers can still get effed up though. There's a fully stocked bar with "an assortment of beer and liquor with mixers. no frozen drinks, oddly enough." So researchers can Ice each other. But no tasty, Antarctic Kush, ya'll.