U.S. Has a $1.7 Billion Legal Pot Industry; 70.6 Percent Drug Prisoner Recidivism



This from the U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics' handy new tool. For prisoners released after serving state prison time for drug possession or trafficking:

70.6% were arrested for new crime within 3 years of release.

45.8% were adjudicated (or brought to court) for a new crime within 2 years.

24.0% were convicted for a new crime within one year.

8.0% were reincarcerated (i.e. placed in jail or prison) following a conviction on a new crime within 6 months.

27.8% were convicted of a new crime and placed in prison within 3 years.

Also: The latest infographic on the medical marijuana industry. (click to zoom)

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