Upcoming: Super-Fucked-Up Folk at the Rickshaw



Los Angeles-based Weed Patch has an alt-country sound like Wilco meets REM. The band plays SF's Rickshaw Stop this Sunday, December 10, at 8 p.m. with Death Ships. Headliner guitarist Jay Bennet is responsible for all the cool guitar work on the great, middle-period Wilco albums. $8. Link to their site ... Stream Weed Patch Radio

... Here's an excerpt from No Depression's review from OCT/SEP 2006. Weed Patch, Some Kinda Happy (Ohgrowupalready) Los Angeles songwriter/rock journalist Neal Weiss has no qualms about wearing his rock literacy on his sleeve. .... at times the lyrics come across a hair too self-conscious and forced. But those instances are too few and far between to over-shadow this sparkling effort. -- Richard Hewett