Union City High School Students Sickened by Tainted Pot Brownies



Two Union City high school students were hospitalized late last week after eating pot brownies tainted with a substance that made them sick. Five James Logan High School students ate the brownies, which they believed to contain marijuana, and later became ill, according to the Chronicle. Two boys suffered convulsions and had to be hospitalized, but have since recovered.

The brownies may have been laced with another substance besides marijuana, but exactly what that substance was is unclear. Union City police Lt. Ben Horner said he wasn’t sure who provided or purchased the brownies, or whether or not the brownies were obtained on school grounds.

The incident comes less than a week after medical marijuana proponents won a victory in the California Supreme Court to increase the amount of marijuana that patients can legally possess. Advocates of marijuana legalization argue that making pot legal would bring regulation to what is currently a black market, thereby reducing incidents such as the one in Union City.