UC Provost Wyatt Hume Sent Packing



Yesterday was Mark Yudof's first day as president of the University of California, and what did he do? Get rid of his second in command, of course. On Monday, UC Provost Wyatt Hume announced he would resign and return to a quiet life of collecting his retirement checks and generally enjoying the perks of being a professor emeritus. Hume had essentially been running the UC system since August, when former president Robert Dynes announced he was leaving. He didn't have a terribly glamorous job, caretaking a broken and discredited system while the regents find someone more dynamic to shake up the office, so giving him the boot seems ungenerous at first glance. But according to the Chron, Hume knew the regent planned to pick an outsider who would personally build his management team. So he knew the fix was in from the start.