UC Men's Basketball Ranks Second to Last in Graduation Rate



With the high from March Madness comes the hangover: a new study based on official NCAA statistics shows UC Berkeley Men's Basketball ranks 64th out of the 65 teams in the tournament when it comes to graduating its players. The overall men's basketball graduation rate at Cal was just 20 percent, second to last to the University of Maryland's appalling eight percent.

The stats were compiled from NCAA official reports by the University of Central Florida's Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport, who released the study last month. The study looked at several years of NCAA reports and found UC Berkeley graduated zero out of seven African-American players and zero of two white basketball players. However, two of UC Berkeley's three international basketball players managed to graduate, which raised the overall men's basketball graduation rate to 20 percent.

The good news is: UC Berkeley women's basketball graduated 100 percent of its black and white players and 75 percent of its international players. And Cal's overall athlete graduation rate is 80 percent, which puts it square in the middle of the pack.

One final note: the NCAA “graduation rate” isn't exactly a function of who graduated divided by the overall number of athletes. Drop outs with high GPAs don't count against a team's graduation rate. So if you're a b-baller, make sure to ace those introductory courses before you get drafted. Right now, athletics needs all the juiced stats it can get.