UC: Jesus Freaks Must Learn Science Too



If you're looking to get into the University of California, you'd better know a little more history than how old Methuselah was. According the Chron, a federal judge has ruled that UC officials have the right to deny credit to Christian high school applicants who rely on religious texts for history or science education. The Association of Christian Schools International had sued to overturn UC's policy, claiming that the university system had rejected any courses that contained a religious element. UC officials countered that they had approved many courses with religious themes, and only rejected courses that ran contrary to science and history; one rejected biology text, for example, printed on its first page, "if (scientific) conclusions contradict the Word of God, the conclusions are wrong."

But UC's not quite jumping for joy today. State Senator Leland Yee has introduced legislation that would end the university system's exemption from whistleblower protection lawsuits. On July 30, the state Supreme Court tossed lawsuits brought by two Lawrence Livermore Lab, who claimed they were fired for ratting out the lab on safety problems. But three of the seven judges urged the legislature to address UC's unique exemption. Now, Yee has done just that.