UC Berkeley Seeks Restraining Order Against Animal Rights Activists



They may be vegan and animal-friendly, but apparently that doesn't mean activists protesting animal lab testing at UC Berkeley are your everyday peaceniks. By some reports, a few have taken to rock-throwing, window-smashing, and stalking a scientist or two to get their point across. Now, UC Berkeley aims to file a restraining order against the aggressive activists, the San Jose Mercury News reported today.

One university spokesman compared the activists to "domestic terrorists," adding that "the FBI has started treating them just as they would al-Qaida," the article cited.

San Francisco animal rights lawyer Christina Garcia refuted that comparison. "There are more similarities between the vivisectionists and al-Qaida than there are with the vegan animal rights picketers."

And now Berkeley police are jumping in on the search to identify the rowdy picketers, who they say are difficult to track because they wear masks and take pains to hide their identities. Last month, Sanders noted, police documented a case where a group of bandanna'd activists trespassed onto a researcher's property and smashed flower pots and dumped garbage in the backyard. Berkeley police are following the lead of law enforcement at UCLA, another school that claims harassment by animal rights groups.