UC Berkeley Cop Helps Crack Bizarre Kidnapping Case


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It turns out that a UC Berkeley police officer - Allison Jacobs - helped crack the bizarre 1991 kidnapping case of young Jaycee Lee Dugard, who had been missing for 18 years, was raped by her kidnapper, and was forced to live in squalid conditions in his backyard in Antioch. According to the Chron, Jacobs has become suspicious of the kidnapper, Phillip Craig Garrido, because he had been handing out religious materials on the UC Berkeley campus without getting clearance. Jacobs then apparently contacted Garrido's parole officer in Concord, who summoned the registered sex offender for questioning.

Garrido brought Dugard along with her two daughters that he had fathered, and introduced her as his wife. Then after intense questioning by the parole officer, and further investigation by state authorities, it became clear that Garrido had kidnapped Dugard and held her against her will for all these years.