Two Tree-Sitters Back at People's Park



Great, heaving, deflated sigh. You may recall that local narcissist Zachary Runningwolf scrambled up a tree in People's Park last month, to protest the university's plans to cut down three sick acacias. Runningwolf came down after university officials promised not to cut down the trees during the holiday season, and everyone went off to have a cup of cider or something. Now, two people have climbed into the trees again, and, according to the Berkeley Daily Planet, they won't even say why! It has something to do with the last two sick acacias, but the tree-sitters might demand the return of the crack box, um, we mean free box. When tree-sitters occupied the grove near Memorial Stadium, they had the support of a good piece of the city. But these guys just look like clowns. Don't push your luck, fellas; most people don't care about the free box. Or People's Park, when you think about it.