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The thrash-metal-funk revival gets real at the New Parish on Friday, August 21.



As the rock ’n’ roll nostalgia cycle makes its rounds, even styles long considered lame or better-off forgotten get reclaimed and championed anew, forcing skeptics to wonder whether their prejudice was warranted in the first place. Such is the case with Turnstile, a Baltimore band with roots in the hardcore scene that evokes Jane’s Addiction, brutish Nineties hardcore, and chuggy nu-metal riffs all at once. Upon first listen, the band’s latest album, Nonstop Feeling, might feel somewhat vexing. Was that reverse reverb on the yelping vocals? Thrash-metal-funk lives? And then, forgetting the old subcultural associations with tough-guy idiocy and cargo shorts, a funny thing happens: the riffs take hold, the half-time breakdowns meld quite nicely with the melodic passages, and the sole of a shoe, captured mid-air on Nonstop Feeling’s album cover, brings to mind the admittedly juvenile pleasures of music that won’t fail to precipitate raining bodies in concert. Turnstile leads a stacked hardcore bill, which also includes hardcore standbys Bane, at the New Parish (579 18th St., Oakland) on Friday.

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