1. Meg Whitman has extensive ties to Goldman Sachs, one of the poster-boys of Wall Street greed. According to a joint report from California Watch and the Chronicle, the Republican frontrunner for governor steered huge bond deals to Goldman Sachs while she was CEO of eBay. She then joined Goldman’s board of directors and scored insider stock deals.

2. UC Berkeley has a bloated bureaucracy and could save up to $75 million a year by cutting waste and inefficiency, a new study concludes. But union members who could lose their jobs if the campus implements the study’s recommendations plan to fight back.

3. Supporters of a proposed statewide ballot measure that would overturn Prop. 8 plan to try again in 2012 after failing this year to gather enough signatures. The 2010 effort was hurt by a division in the gay-marriage-rights community over whether to go for the repeal this year or wait for the presidential election two years from now.

4. The ACLU opposes the City of Oakland’s legal effort to crack down on a North Oakland gang, saying it’s overbroad, the Trib reports.

5. Did the attack ads targeting Jerry Brown from the California Chamber of Commerce violate state law?

6. Emeryville’s police chief wants to ban one of the Tea Party’s favorite new pastimes — carrying unloaded guns openly in public, the Trib’s Josh Richman reports.

7. Californians who lost their homes to foreclosure last year or sold them in short sales won’t be hit by big tax bills, under legislation signed into law yesterday by Governor Schwarzenegger, the Sacramento Bee reports.

8. And from Chip Johnson’s perspective, Oakland’s Lake Merritt is “a beauty mole on the city’s pockmarked face.”