Tuesday Must Read: UC Davis Students Confront Chancellor, Demand Her Resignation; Pepper-Spray Scandal Goes Viral



Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. Thousands of UC Davis students and Occupy protesters shouted at UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi yesterday, demanding that she resign after she apologized for the police-pepper-spray debacle, the Chron reports. The two UC Davis cops who pepper-sprayed nonviolent protesters as they sat on campus, linked arm-in-arm, have been placed on administrative leave, as has the campus police chief. The pepper-spray scandal also has thrust UC Davis into the national spotlight and made it the new focal point of the Occupy movement.

2. Video and photos of UC Davis cops pepper-spraying protesters, meanwhile, have gone viral and become the latest Internet meme, The Bay Citizen reports. Jokesters have begun inserting the picture of UC Davis cop Lieutenant John Pike and his pepper spray into classic works of art as commentary on the recent over-the-top use of force by police officers against protesters.


3. Oakland Mayor Jean Quan has hired City Hall veteran Anne Campbell Washington to be her chief of staff, a position that Campbell Washington held in the administration of then-Mayor Jerry Brown. Campbell Washington effectively takes over for ex-Deputy Mayor Sharon Cornu, who resigned last week, as Quan restructures her office. Campbell Washington, who most recently was chief of staff in the fire department, told the Trib she was pleased to work for Quan: “The mayor has a strong vision and strong work ethic,” she said. “It's a difficult time for her right now, but her commitment to public safety, jobs, and education really has not wavered.”

4. The collapse of Fremont solar manufacturer Solyndra was due at least in part to stiff competition from Chinese companies that received huge subsidies from their government, the US Labor Department has ruled, according to The Bay Citizen. The Labor Department ruling is pivotal for former Solyndra employees because it makes them eligible for additional unemployment benefits, job training, and relocation benefits under a federal program that helps US workers who have lost their jobs because of foreign trade.

5. President Obama blamed Republicans for the failure of the so-called Super Committee, noting that GOP Congressional members blocked any attempts to raise taxes on the rich and large corporations, the LA Times reports. The Super Committee was supposed to come up with a federal deficit reduction plan, but failed to reach agreement. Obama also vowed to veto any GOP efforts in Congress to roll back planned cuts in defense spending.

6. And finally, a question: Which came first. The stupid American or Fox News? A new poll doesn’t provide an exact answer, but it shows that Fox News viewers are less informed about current events than Americans who get their news from other media outlets, the LA Times reports. In fact, Fox News viewers are more ignorant of current events than those who don’t pay attention to the news at all.