Tuesday Must Read: The Fate of Medical Pot Is In the Hands of State Supreme Court; Yosemite Glacier Appears to be Melting Because of Climate Change


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Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. The fate of medical marijuana in California is now before the state Supreme Court. Justices are hearing arguments today over whether cities and counties can ban pot dispensaries. Medical pot activists say that if the high court upholds pot-club bans, then communities throughout California will race to enact such prohibitions. About 175 cities and 20 counties already have bans in place, and if the trend spreads, medical marijuana may only be available in a handful of cities in the state.

Lyell Glacier
  • Lyell Glacier
2. A key glacier in Yosemite National Park appears to be melting because of climate change, the Chron reports. The Lyell Glacier, which feeds into the Tuolumne River, has shrunk in size by about 60 percent since 1990. The shrinking glacier mirrors the fate of glaciers around the globe as worldwide temperatures continue to rise.

3. Gas prices have jumped in recent weeks and are once again above $4 per gallon in some areas. Analysts say that speculators are driving up the price of oil in anticipation of the economy recovering.

4. The state Supreme Court ruled that online retailers, like Apple, can demand private personal information from consumers who use credit cards. The court said that a state law that prohibits brick-and-mortar stores from demanding privacy information does not apply to online businesses.

5. And California’s teacher retirement system has a $64 billion deficit and needs an annual infusion of $4.5 billion to become fully solvent, the SacBee reports, citing a new state report.