Tuesday Must Read: American Indian Charter Schools Face Closure; Berkeley Re-Examining Its DUI Policies



Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. The three American Indian Public Charter schools in Oakland could be closed within the next month or so because of a multi million-dollar financial scandal, the Chron reports. The charter schools, which have extraordinarily high test scores, are facing a public hearing next week in front of the Oakland school board, and then a likely vote next month on whether they should be allowed to remain open. The schools have come under intense scrutiny after an audit found that $3.8 million in public funds had been steered to the schools’ controversial founder Ben Chavis.

Ben Chavis
  • Ben Chavis
2. The Berkeley City Council is considering whether to revamp the city’s DUI laws after a city commission found that blacks and Latinos are much more likely to be arrested for drunken driving than whites, the Chron reports. The city’s Peace and Justice Commission also noted that studies show that whites arrested on DUI charges are more likely to be able to afford a lawyer and thus avoid conviction and punishment.

3. BART plans to allow bikes on trains during commute hours throughout the Bay Area during a test next month, the Chron reports. A test last summer that allowed bicycles on BART trains during commute hours on successive Fridays was deemed a success by the agency and bike riders. BART has traditionally banned bikes during commutes because of overcrowding on trains.

4. The gun debate nationwide is increasingly becoming a gender issue as women are more likely to view gun control measures as a way to keep children safe from violence, while men tend to see the debate in the terms of an individual’s right to own weapons, the Chron reports. The gender gap could prove pivotal in upcoming elections.

5. And home prices are expected to surge this year throughout the Bay Area, with many zip codes seeing double-digit gains, the Chron reports, citing a new forecast from Zillow.com.