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A Superior Court judge ruled that the prosecution has presented enough evidence to continue to charge three people with felonies for their part in crimes allegedly committed after the Johannes Mehserle verdict was announced, the Oakland Tribune reported.

The Librarian of Congress ruled Monday that US copyright law does not prohibit consumers from altering their mobile phone's software so that they can run third-party applications that have not been approved by the phone manufacturer, the San Jose Mercury News reported. The ruling is a loss for Apple, which maintains that its strict control over the app approval process is essential to the stability and performance of its software platform. So go ahead, add those pot-leaf icons to your iPhone that you have been hankering to add, but don't blame us when it starts to behave like Windows Vista.

GOP US Senate candidate Carly Fiorina has pulled in about $63,000 in political donations from coal-mining interests who oppose efforts to fight climate change, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

US consumers are routinely exposed to the toxic substance bisphenol A in paper cash-register receipts, according to a new study from the Environmental Working Group. The Chronicle reported that the chemical, also known as BPA, is suspected of causing adverse health effects such as obesity, cancer, neurological damage. BPA is also found in baby bottles and food-can linings. It's been a bad year for things with BP in the name.