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The Oakland Tribune reports that a new study by the East Bay Community Foundation concludes "the East Bay is leading the Bay Area in increasing poverty levels, low living wage job opportunities, least affordable housing and declining high school graduation rates." But for once, we think they're a little too pessimistic. Actually, we think they may have gotten the story just a teensy bit wrong.

Think about it: The East Bay is leading the Bay Area in...the least amount of affordable housing? Really? Marin's doing better than we are? We checked out the study, which you can read here, or a shorter version here, and we don't see any indication that the study compared the East Bay to any other part of the Bay Area. The study reports that the East Bay is one of the least affordable regions in the country, and points out that foreclosures have really hammered the region. But we don't see a county-by-county comparison for the Bay Area. Our gut tells us that the East Bay is the worst when it comes to poverty and education. But affordable housing? With all those Oakland Housing Authority units out there? We think not.