Town-Gown Memorial Stadium Lawsuit Reaching Endgame



Just so we're clear, the real reason the city of Berkeley and the Panoramic Hill Association don't want Cal to build a new athletic training center near Memorial Stadium is the increased traffic and the inevitable clear-cutting of an oak tree grove. Okay? Are we clear on that? So when you read that in the present lawsuit to stop construction, the city's main objection is that the university would violate an old law banning additions to buildings on fault lines where the addition's cost would exceed fifty percent of the existing building's present, screw that. It's all about the traffic. Anyhoo, that's the leverage the city's got, and they've been milking it for months in a lawsuit that has cost the university some $10 million. Last week, the Merc reports, County Superior Court Judge Barbara Miller met with both parties as part of her effort to decide whether the training center will technically be part of the stadium, and what work should be considered an addition. Since the trial has concluded, everyone is waiting on Miller's verdict, which is expected very soon. Then we can have more tree-sits!