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Town Biz II at Splash Pad Park


Nakia Dillard of Goddess Crowns by Nakia - PHOTO COURTESY OF GODDESS CROWNS BY NAKIA
  • Photo courtesy of Goddess Crowns by Nakia
  • Nakia Dillard of Goddess Crowns by Nakia

There is never a shortage of good times at Lake Merritt, whether a music festival, an impromptu workout session, the farmer’s market — there is basically something for everyone. This weekend, at Splash Pad Park (directly across the street from the Grand Lake Theatre), Town Biz II will take over with a festival. The event features more than 60 different local vendors, selling food, games, arts, crafts, jewelry, and everything in between. Local businesses are currently struggling in the Bay Area, often due to the rising cost of rent, so it is imperative that we help preserve them by shopping local and supporting events like this. The majority of Town Biz II’s vendors are owned by people of color, too, a group especially at risk of displacement. DJ Big Cali will be in the mix, as well. Why not enjoy an afternoon shopping and eating?

Sunday, June 4, 12pm to 5pm, Lake Park and Grand Avenue, Oakland