Tough Question from the Bay Guardian: "Is Oakland Cooler Than SF?"



Lookie here! Much like the New York Times before them, our West-Bay analogues appear to have finally torn the lid off the radical notion that Oakland might actually be a desirable place to live! We'd be very excited about this great honor, but it's hard to breathe through all this working-class grit — and besides, we all know it's basically impossible to find internet access out here in the wild hinterlands of the East Bay.*

In all seriousness, though, Steven T. Jones and Yael Chanoff's piece is well-done and pretty interesting, especially when it comes to talking about the comparative demographics of the two cities, and about the ass-backwards SF housing market that's driving everyone who is not literally a bajillionaire the "creative class" out of SF. At any rate, I guess we can all rejoice in the fact that other people are finally catching on to our (be-question-marked) coolness**??

could it be???!!!?
  • could it be???!!!?


*SERIOUSLY GUYS, I had to trade like three squirrels and a ball of yarn just to get on this thing!
**Ironically: not temperature-wise!