Top Ten Least Googleable Local Restaurant Names



A couple weeks back, Kathleen drew much-needed attention to the emerging problem of the ungoogelable band name (this means you, Girls). But those artsy types aren't the only offenders in what appears to be a full-fledged war on searchability. Behold, the top ten most impossible-to-find-on-the-internet local restaurants and bars:


2. Best Burritos . (Apparently lots of places like to identify themselves as "best"; who knew?)

3. Local Cafe


4. Boot and Shoe Service

5. Radio

Radio: Great bar, impossible to find.
  • Radio: Great bar, impossible to find.

6. The Avenue

7. Telegraph. (No link, and you know why? BECAUSE I CAN'T FIND IT. Seriously, I will personally give you five dollars if you can find this place in fewer than three minutes of googling various permutations of Telegraph + Oakland, Telegraph + cafe, etc.)

8. The Layover

9. Hudson

Made even more difficult by the fact that apparently Hudson College is a real place!

10. The Alley