Thursday’s Briefing: A’s Say They’re Still Committed to Building New Ballpark in Oakland; OUSD Slashes $9 Million From Budget



Stories you shouldn’t miss for Dec. 14, 2017:

1. Oakland A’s officials said that they’re still committed to building a new ballpark in Oakland despite the fact that the Peralta Community College district rejected the team’s plans for a new stadium next to Laney College, reports Ron Leuty of the San Francisco Business Times$. “We aren't giving up,” said Taj Tashombe, A’s vice president of external affairs. “We're going to be here in Oakland and we're going to make this happen.” A’s officials, however, have not disclosed whether they plan to try to build on the Coliseum property, Howard Terminal near Jack London Square, or another location in the city.

2. The Oakland school board voted 7-1 to slash $9 million from the district’s budget, including $3.8 million from school sites, in order close a financial gap. The district got into fiscal trouble during the administration of former Superintendent Antwan Wilson, massively overspending on consultant contracts and high-priced administrators.

3. The Trump administration’s Federal Communications Commission voted today to scrap net neutrality rules, a move that is expected to raise consumer costs for internet usage, The New York Times$ reports. The vote will allow internet providers to charge consumers higher rates for web content.

4. State regulators slapped East Bay MUD with $893,000 in penalties for allowing tap water to leak into local streams, reports Denis Cuff of the East Bay Times$. Tap water, because it’s treated with chlorine to kill bacteria, is harmful to fish. East Bay MUD also agreed to spend $720,000 to fix water pipeline leaks.

5. Dungeness crab prices are spiking because of a shortage of the shellfish, reports Tara Duggan of the San Francisco Chronicle$. This quality of this year’s catch has been high, but the crab population is smaller than in previous years.

6. The Walt Disney Company bought a large portion of Twentieth Century Fox today for $52.4 billion, the Washington Post$ reports. Fox News and the Fox broadcast network, however, will remain in the hands of right-wing media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his family.

7. The Sierra Nevada’s highest peaks grew by about an inch in the past half-decade as the drought dried out the earth and it expanded, reports Kurtis Alexander of the San Francisco Chronicle, citing a new NASA report.

8. And Steph Curry’s family foundation is moving its headquarters to Oakland’s Jack London Square, reports Roland Li of the San Francisco Business Times$.

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