Thursday Must Read



Today's stories that you shouldn't miss:

1. Should the City of Oakland step into save Neldam’s Bakery? The Trib reports that the Oakland institution on Telegraph Avenue is on the verge of getting evicted.

2. CSU Stanislaus officials say a copy of Sarah Palin’s secret contract was stolen from a recycling bin in an administrator’s office, the AP reports. But the question is: Why was the top-secret contract that the university refused to release put in a recycling bin in the first place? As for the documents that dumpster diving students found earlier this week, university officials say they were not from Palin’s contract, the Chron reports. So what were they? According to officials, the documents were from an earlier version of the contract with ex-half-term Alaskan governor.

3. President Obama’s Agriculture Department continues to boost the interests of organic, small farmers, in a complete turnaround from the Bush era. And the Chron reports that huge agribusiness isn’t happy. Let’s see, Obama has now pissed off the insurance industry and agribusiness, and now he’s going after Wall Street. So this is what change looks like.

4. Meg Whitman is now peddling video footage from her staged town-hall events in the hopes that cash-strapped TV news stations will use it for actual news stories. Talk about exploiting the downfall of journalism to your advantage.

5. And so what are all those ex-journalists doing these days? Well, one of them, ex-Chronicle photographer Kim Komenich, stopped a bank robbery yesterday in San Jose by putting the robber in bear-hug. Nice work, Mr. Komenich, but, kids, we don’t recommend trying this at home.