Thursday Must Read: Mehserle to be Released Monday; Delta Pumps Slaughter Millions of Baby Fish



Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. Ex-BART cop Johannes Mehserle is scheduled to be released from custody on Monday after serving a short prison stint for fatally shooting unarmed train-rider Oscar Grant, the Trib reports. Grant’s family, who remains unhappy about Mehserle’s relatively light sentence, is planning a series of events over the weekend in Los Angeles. Mehserle was convicted last year of involuntary manslaughter, but the judge in the case threw out a gun-enhancement conviction that would have resulted in a much longer prison sentence.

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2. Delta pumps that send freshwater to the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California slaughtered six million young splittail fish last month, generating protests from environmental groups, the Chron reports. The pumps also have shredded tens of thousands of imperiled Chinook salmon since last October. But some regulators say the massive fish kills may be good news because they might be an indicator that there are more fish than previously thought.

3. The City of Oakland will no longer co-run the Oakland Museum of California, the city council decided Tuesday night, the Chron reports. The move will save the cash-strapped city money, although it was opposed by public-employee union members who will now have to apply for jobs with the nonprofit that is taking full control of the museum.

4. AC Transit will be able to use $24.5 million in capital funds to help pay operating expenses under a plan expected to be approved by MTC, the Chron reports. The move would allow AC Transit to avoid more cutbacks.

5. PG&E failed to inform regulators as required by federal law that a flawed weld on the same San Bruno pipe that exploded in 2010 had caused a leak 22 years later, the Chron reports. If the utility had reported the leak, it would have been required to thoroughly test the pipe — which it never did. PG&E blamed its atrocious recordkeeping for its failure to report the leak.

6. Alameda officials released the 911 tapes from the drowning incident at Crown Beach, the Trib reports. However, the tapes don’t appear to shed light on why firefighters refused to even try to talk to Raymond Zack before he drowned in shallow bay waters.

7. And, East Bay progressives, you can now fly to Cuba from Oakland airport.