Thursday Must Read: Bonds’ Hubris Gets Him Convicted; BART GM to Get Golden Parachute


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Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. Throughout his Major League baseball career, Barry Bonds was infamous for giving rambling, evasive, and self-indulgent answers to questions, and he was convicted yesterday in federal court for doing precisely that, the Chron notes. Jurors said they voted unanimously to convict Bonds of obstruction of justice because he refused to directly answer a question about whether he had ever been injected by anyone other than his doctor. Bonds’ attorney had urged the jury not to convict, arguing that “Barry was just being Barry” when he testified under oath before a federal grand jury. Bonds also was nearly convicted yesterday on one of the counts of perjury he faced, but a lone juror refused to vote guilty.

2. Embattled BART General Manager Dorothy Dugger is to receive a $1 million golden parachute severance package, because the BART board of directors is afraid she will sue the agency if they simply fire her, the Chron reports. The BART board nearly fired Dugger in February, and has been in negotiations with her over her severance ever since. The board is expected to approve her resignation and golden parachute today. However, it’s not clear on what grounds Dugger would have sued BART if they had just terminated her.

3. Governor Jerry Brown played the public-safety card yesterday in his ongoing budget battle with Republicans, arguing that the GOP’s decision to block his tax-extension measures will lead to more crime, the CoCo Times reports. To make his point, Brown flanked himself with top law enforcement officials — usual Republican supporters — at a press conference.

4. The pacific salmon season will open on May 1 after a three-year hiatus, a period in which the local salmon population reached historic lows, the Chron reports. Some environmentalists contend that the salmon rebound is due to tighter restrictions on water diversion in the delta, but it may also be due to a program that trucks hatchery salmon smolts around the delta and its deadly water pumps, as the Express previously reported.

5. And more than 1,000 mourners attended a memorial yesterday in Oakland’s Fruitvale district for Jesus “Chuy” Campos, a beloved restaurant owner and community leader who was slain late last week during an apparent robbery, the Trib reports.