Thugs, the Musical Needs Dough



LA-based comedian Kevin Avery is trying to raise funds to create his film Thugs, the Musical on

From the comedian:
"Thugs, The Musical is about Michael Gardner, a mediocre, slightly delusional, and very “non-urban” black actor in Hollywood who, after years of auditioning but not being considered “black enough” to be cast in any of the roles that his fellow black actors have been getting - the Gangsta, the fast-talking Sidekick, the one doomed Black Guy at the party in the horror movie - decides to write, direct, and star in his own theater production — an epically bad play called Thugs, The Musical — to show Hollywood (and the world) that he, too, can “act black”.

The film, shot as a faux documentary, chronicles the making of the play, from rehearsals through its disastrous opening week, and spotlights a well meaning, but horribly inept cast performing musical numbers like “Who’s That Keepin’ It Real?”, “Drive-By” and “Oh No She Di-in’t” in what may possibly be the worst musical ever conceived."

Here's a similar video from Avery and local comedians W. Kamau Bell, Greg Edwards, and Reggie Steele.