Rated PG-13 101 minutes 2007

What happens when a thriller finds Jesus? It's bye-bye, blood and boobs. Thr3e, written by Left Behinder Alan B. McElroy, based on a Ted Dekker novel, and debuting as the first theatrical release from Fox's new Christian-friendly imprint Fox Faith, is on its dull surface the mystery of a psychopath/serial killer and his seminary-student prey -- with God replacing gore. There are no dead bodies here, but perhaps filmgoers, tired of all those secular scares and heathen horrors, won't miss the aesthetic pleasure of a creative murder scene. Still, Marc Blucas as the hunted seminary student Kevin Parson might as well be dead for all his charisma, even with a backstory involving deceased parents and an unhinged, abusive Aunt Belinda (Priscilla Barnes, formerly Thr3e's Company's blonde no. 3 and currently looking like Courtney Love after a thr3e-week bender). Of course, Fox Faith wouldn't want you to trust our judgment; as the movie reminds us in its tidy moral, "We need the power of God to teach us good and evil." That awesome power has co-opted pop music and cornered the market on swearing-in ceremonies. Can't we at least have our cookie-cutter thrillers?

Film Credits

Director: Robby Henson

Writer: Ted Dekker and Alan B. McElroy

Producer: Joe Goodman, Bobby Neutz and Ralph Winter

Cast: Marc Blucas, Justine Waddell, Laura Jordan, Bill Moseley, Max Ryan, Sherman Augustus, Priscilla Barnes, Tom Bower, Philip Dunbar and Jeffrey Lee Hollis

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