This Must Be the Feeling — But Which One?



Nero’s album “Welcome Reality” brought us a slew of great tunes, jumpin' all around the BPM gauge – from dubstep to electro to drum n'bass/drumstep – but who knew that just one of their tracks would start the remixing frenzy that has come to be? To be honest, I wasn’t very impressed with the album off the bat, since it included a good amount of tunes that had already been released to the public, but as I have continued to listen over these last few months, I have recognized the true style and class brought to us by this dynamic duo.

To be even more honest, even the track featured below was not a big fave of mine in the beginning – looking back now, I guess I just had other expectations for this release. I’ll be the first to say that I'm fully eating my words now, and that's not even considering all the ridiculous remixes that are sitting in our laps today. After giving it another chance, the original version of “Must Be The Feeling” brings a great pace of funk and nu-disco, while sprinkling on some heavy wobbles to create just an all-around great listen – again, eating my words with this one.

Now, we have some epic remixes from some seriously heavy-hitters in the industry. All of these remixers take this tune and spin it in their own awesome fashion. From Flux Pavilion to Delta Heavy to Kill the Noise, there is no overlap, except of course the vocals that carry ever-so-smoothly throughout each tune — and boy are they sweet vocals.

Just recently heard the Delta Heavy remix live at the Fox Theater in Oakland for Porter Robinson’s amazing set a few weeks ago, and after having been introduced to the remix only a few days before the show, it made that drop all the better – I even remember looking to my buddy as I heard the vocals come in and said “So… Which one is it gonna be?”

Anyway, there is actually one more remix I gotta include. I just came across this one from Nero’s page on soundcloud while writing this post, and I am quite glad I did – also, included below, the remix brought to us by South Central.

Nero & Flux Pavilion...

Delta Heavy...

Kill the Noise...

South Central...

How was that ride, ay? ; )

Soo… Now, I ask you: Which is your favorite?

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