"This Is a Smoked Salmon-Infused Vodka with a Few Drips of Ice-Plant Tincture Served Over Fresh Lava Rocks"



A year after Whole Foods Parking Lot blew up the internet (and changed our relationship with quinoa irrevocably), looks like our favorite Berkeley-bred viral-video collective, Fog and Smog films, are at it again — and this time, the target's something we here in the Bay Area know plenty about: Pretentious-to-the-point-of-parody cocktail temples and the people who patronize them. "Mixologist" takes (good-natured!) swipes at flaming cocktails, ironic mustaches, and "big-ass ice cubes"; basically, if you've ever found yourself waxing rhapsodic about tea foams or shelling out upwards of $10 for a bunch of stuff in a glass*, this will ring very, very true. Behold:

*No judgement! Obviously.