The Ska Janitors

Backlash to the genre's third wave nearly destroyed ska. But not quite.



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Gwen Stefani abandoned it; the whiny bitches shit-pied it. But the rude boys keep dancing. "It needs to go back to the people who care about it," Bucket explains. "The analogy I use is, basically, there was a pretty wild party in the House of Ska, and there's only a few people left to clear up the mess. One of those is us, in a sense -- we refer to the Toasters as the Ska Janitors, cleaning up everybody's mess. You have to see which bands were in it because they love the music, and which bands were in it simply because it was a trend and they felt they could make some money out of it. I think it's fairly self-explanatory -- the bands who are playing ska music now really love it, and that's gonna be a good thing."

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