The Roundup: White House Responds to 'We The People' Pot Proposal


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Here's your headlines: 1) You didn't think legalizing weed was going to be that easy, did you?

2) Celebstoner has the rebuttal.

3) Coffeeshop Blue Sky moves three doors down after federal letter.

4) Members of Congress call on Obama to end crackdown.

5) San Jose group turns in 50,000 signatures to stop that town from forcing all clubs to close and reapply for ten permits to serve a city of one million.

6) Lake County referendum rescinds law to limit clubs to five. "Proponents of the referendum said the ordinance would unfairly limit the number of dispensaries. Supervisor Rob Brown said rescinding the ordinance will have the opposite of their desired effect. 'Now all dispensaries are illegal in Lake County,' ” he said."

7) No friend to cannabis New Jersey takes steps to making amends.

8) The modern version of razorblades in apples: NBC allows L.A. narcs to scaremonger about pot candy being given to kids on Halloween. Not a single incident has been reported.

9) The group AZ Drug Free wants Arizona's governor to stop issuing medical marijuana cards to the sick and dying. Governor Brewer's press aide says the governor has no interest in doing that.

10) Legalization Nation will report from the Drug Policy Alliance conference in Los Angeles this week.