The Roundup: Wavves, Best Coast, Lady Gaga, and George Clooney



1) It's a celebrity stoner extravaganza: First, California surf rocker acts and noted friends of the herb Best Coast and Wavves top our personal best-of lists at Noise Pop 2011 this year. Cue the 22-minute video interview. Now, cue the two-minute edited version about drug legalization. Ah, surfers. Second, a Snoop Dog and Dam Funk session — of the musical variety. And finally, Lady Gaga on the creative process: doobage.

2) George Clooney in Newsweek on not running for office. "I fucked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth. ... I did it all. I drank the bong water." (via CelebStoner)

3) Marinol, the first pot pill from the Sixties goes generic on Saturday. Deputy director of NORML Paul Armentano explains on Alternet how 'If the Feds Get Their Way, Big Pharma Could Sell Pot — But Your Dime Bag Would Still Send You to Jail'

4) Meanwhile, cannabidiol (CBD), a molecule in weed, might be good for social anxiety disorder. THC levels in Cali weed have doubled in ten years, from around 5 percent to 10 percent, and doctors are giving people prescription pot pills as part of their plan to get them to stop using plant pot.

5) Lastly, The National Institute on Drug Abuse describes withdrawal from extreme THC exposure as "mild and medically benign". Yet they just finished a study where they tried to heighten pot withdrawal symptoms with a drug, Rimonabant, that has been known to cause suicide, just to see what happens. The real question is, why is NIDA emulating the hipsters at Vice Magazine?

"I have never felt so un-high in my life. I must admit that my thinking is unusually clear and I could see a lower dose of rimonabant being helpful when studying for a test—well, it could if it didn’t make me feel like I was about to simultaneously cry, puke, and have a seizure. The fact that this is a widely prescribed drug is unbelievable. The idea of taking this daily is insane. It would be less than a week before I killed someone." — Vice Magazine: NEW FRONTIERS OF SOBRIETY - Being Anti-High Feels Anti-Good