The Roundup: Thom Yorke and DOOM Team Up; CA. Legalization 2012


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Here's your headlines: 1) RadioDOOM? Thom Yorke and America's Most Blunted on the map, DOOM, join forces.

2) Pot prices nationwide drop as schwag makes a comeback.

3) And sexism in the marijuana trade?

4) US Ambassador to Mexico quits after his Wikileaked comments on how messed up the drug war is.

5) The L.A. Times' John Hoeffel learns more about the sequel to Prop 19, as more names join the initial announcement.

6) The Drug Enforcement Administration has about 4,000 active snitches.

7) But the arrest numbers and availability of street drugs should not be how the D.E.A.'s success is measured, the agency itself says.

8) Meanwhile, a former U.S. Attorney says, call it off.

9) The Denver Post engages in some armchair epidemiology about why women don't get pot recommendations. It's not because they might lose their kids, of course. "That's just a lot of smoke."

10) Colorado Rep. Jared Polis says we're in a cannabis bubble and fears a shutdown.

11) Legalization efforts in the state of Washington have stalled, for this year.

12) Stockton, CA. gets three medical pot clubs, learns about medicinal use, CBD, cancer and testing. (via MAP)