The Roundup: The High Cost of Indoor Pot, and a Pretty Good Album from Snoop Dogg



Headlines this week: 1) Marijuana stores still violate federal law, another U.S. Attorney writes.

2) Full Spectrum Labs of Colorado — testers for the Denver High Times Medical Cannabis Cup last week — release a rare commercial pot lab validation document.

3) Just in time for Earth Day, a Lawrence Berkeley National Lab energy analyst working independently estimates the immense carbon cost of indoor-grown marijuana: “The emissions associated with one kilogram of processed Cannabis are equivalent to those of driving across country 5 times in a 44-mpg car (3,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions)." Meanwhile, many California cities have banned, or are working to ban, outdoor.

4) Snoop Dogg's new album Doggumentary actually has some pretty good songs on it. Bootsy Collins'? Yeah. R. Kelly's? Meh. (via Amazon, iTunes)

5) Concord, California's Kyle Newacheck talks Comedy Central show Workaholics with CelebStoner.

6) And Fresno police turn down children's charity donations — because they come from a dispensary. (via Drug Policy Forum of California)