The Roundup: The 25 Biggest 'Heads in Sports



Here's your headlines.

1) The Bleacher Report lists its 25 Biggest Potheads in Sports History. (via CelebStoner)

2) Actor and "Celebrity Rehab" alum Eric Roberts is on the weed warpath, says TMZ.

3) And in another questionable endorsement, Roseanne Barr campaigns on the weed ticket, notes WaPo. More headlines after the jump.

4) CAMP — the DOJ's long-running ant-pot farming effortpulls 42K illegal plants out of Humboldt last week.

5) Pot is not an agricultural crop, says California judge.

6) The Sacramento Bee's tireless Peter Hecht heads to Colorado and takes a long hard look at a for-profit regulated pot industry.

7) Steep Hill Labs in Oakland's former lab director spins off Santa Cruz County's SC Labs.

8) And the notoriously backwater Bakersfield starts to figure out that pot should be reclassified by the D.E.A.. The agency said in July that it would not re-schedule the 12,000-year-old herbal remedy.