The Roundup: SF Drug Cases Dropped, BOE Backs Dispensary Bill



When did the Bay Area turn into The Shield? 1) Drug cops arrested on charges of dirty dealings dominate the Chronicle today. First, fallout at the DA's office from San Francisco drug cops in hot water. And more arrests from the roll-up of a Contra Costa County narcotics commander arrested for dealing weed, speed, and 'roids. This new arrest appears to be a variation on the cash for kids story of February 22. More greed after the jump.

3) Los Angeles prepares for its weed lotto, and clubs who don't want to play are getting new letters from the city telling them to close down.

4) This week, EBX takes a deep dive into the public health and safety problems with uregulated pot farming.

5) And: "The 2010 ballot initiative to tax and regulate marijuana may have been just a prelude to the main event in the California state capital this year. A series of efforts by the California State Board of Equalization (BOE) and Sacramento lawmakers have caught the medical marijuana industry by surprise.' From Marijuana Business Report (which this blogger co-edits) Also in MBR this week: 'Cannabis Science Raising Funds to Prove Cancer Claim' and 'Industrial Hemp Bills on the Move.'