The Roundup: Peter Tosh Estate Sponsors a 'Legalize It' Video Contest



Peter Tosh’s estate is partnering with Amnesty International and Greenpeace for re-release of reggae albums Legalize It and Equal Rights. The Tosh estate also is collaborating with Students for a Sensible Drug Policy and Marijuana Policy Project, which is sponsoring a “Legalize It” video contest on the first-ever marijuana legalization bill in Congress. More news after the jump.

2) Fifty-five percent of respondents support the legalization of marijuana; 67 percent think the “War on Drugs” has been a failure: new poll finds.

3) The attorney general of Arizona will sue in civil court to try and close two pot clubs in Arizona, state health officials said Tuesday. Arizona voters narrowly approved a medical marijuana initiative last year that called for about 135 clubs. The Arizona governor and attorney general are being accused of stalling its implementation.

4) 'US Sends CIA Operatives To Mexico To Escalate War Against Drug Cartels': Surely this will turn out well.

5) Growing pot is a great way to lose your kids to the state. However, researchers in Canada find pot growers' kids are alright. "The majority of children removed from drug-producing homes were healthy and drug free. Comprehensive evaluations should be performed on a case-by-case basis in order to determine what is ultimately in the best interest of the child."

6) New test results from Full Spectrum Labs of Denver include this scary result:23.88 percent THC Sour Kush, danger!

7) A whirlwind tour of Berkeley pot clubs.

8) And 'Who Got Arrested In The Mendocino National Forest?' asks Redheaded Blackbelt. Foreign nationals? Locals? Out-of-state enthusiasts? Probably all three.

9) Safety alert: Delivering weed remains a great way to get robbed in Fullerton, Calif.