The Roundup: Nate Dogg's funeral; Time Mag Goes to Oaksterdam; NYT Mag on Humboldt



Here's your headlines: 1) Snoop Dogg and Warren G attend service for Nate Dogg.

2) Whoopi Goldberg regrets accepting the Oscar for Ghost high.

3) Crass videogame of the year: "Call of Juarez: the Cartel" will come out first as a free demo.

4) All of Radiohead's The King of Limbs is legally streaming. The 'head is also putting out a newspaper this week.

5) The Wall St. Journal opines that firing our Mexico ambassador for his leaked criticism of the "futile" drug war won't make things better.

5) Time magazine goes to Oaksterdam. "... if you think you're gonna get rich, you're here for the wrong reason."

6) The New York Times Magazine goes to Humboldt in "High Life": "Law enforcement officials estimate that as many as two in five Arcata homes contain a growing operation. A calculation by a Humboldt State University economist appraised the county’s marijuana industry at about a half-billion dollars a year."

7) Weed grows in Brooklyn: A history